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As a member of the CEO Huddles, you show a sincere commitment to consistently improving your business and life of Faith, Success and Legacy. You recognize that in order to achieve your mission of creating a worthwhile legacy that it takes focus, accountability, collaboration and a sharing of ideas with similar, like-minded individuals.

In this mission, many of you recognize that you need some additional, one-on-one collaboration with an expert that can work with you specifically and consistently to help you achieve a specific project, skillset, or goal. The Prompting, now provides you access to a world-class group of heart-centered, experienced business coaches that will:

  • Hold you accountable. Once you set a goal, it takes a consistent effort, commitment and intention to achieve it. As a business owner, you get pulled in many directions and begin to deal with the urgent and easily get distracted from the important initiatives that grow and improve your business, your life, your mission. Your coach will never forget what’s important and will hold you accountable to staying on track to implement and take action on your goals to catapult your success.
  • Stay focused. With so much of “life” hurling at you, even with the best of intentions, staying focused and on track can oftentimes feel impossible. Having a coach by your side ensures you the guidance, direction, and focus to make sure you’re successfully executing your plans, leadership, and goals.
  • Help you achieve your mission quicker and easier. You can do this all on your own, but why? When you have a master business coach working with you, you will have the direct guidance from an expert; someone who will help you streamline your success and bypass many of the hiccups most small business owners make.
  • Offer feedback and constant guidance. A true coach is here to serve you and in that service, doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. A coach is there to tell you what you NEED to hear to improve, succeed and grow.

There is nothing more powerful than to experience the value of working with a coach so we have created an introductory coaching offer. For a very small investment of $297 (valued at $2,000), you have will access to one of our world-class coaches who will work with you over 4-coaching sessions and start to dive into your challenges, obstacles, opportunities, goals and begin working with you to help achieve them.

Our mission is to serve. We can help you get to that next level – NOW.

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