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The heartbeat of our work is pouring into the lives of CEOs, executives and entrepreneurs helping them live a life of Faith, Success and Legacy.  With great success comes great accountability and responsibility, and The Prompting is there to help you create a worthwhile legacy each week.

Our complimentary, weekly Huddles are peer-to-peer masterminds with a Christian worldview.  The ideas, strategies and insights you gain are secondary only to the desire you’ll have to better live your faith in business.

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CEO Huddle - The Prompting

CEO Huddle Global Coaching Program

Dr. Rollan Roberts II

Dr. Rollan Roberts II

The Huddle

The Huddle is a weekly charge by Dr. Rollan Roberts to challenge, inspire and transform your thinking.  Imagine you are in a NBA or NFL locker room and the team is about to take the court/field.  Teams huddle up for the coach to share one last message to help their champions take the field with a winning mentality.  Listen inside the locker room below.

The Huddle is for A-players, influencers, champions, leaders and executives – people who depend on mastering the mind to win.  Welcome to The Huddle.

Your financial gifts are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. The Prompting is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a strict Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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