…made-for-TV segments designed to help you build a worthwhile legacy.

  • The 20 Year Test

    You will not regret taking The 20 Year Test!
  • What Your Calling Is and Is Not.

    Seth Godin wrote a blog today entitled “In Search of Your Calling.”  Here’s where he missed it.
  • Intentional Legacy Building.

    Most people spend more time planning their annual vacation than they do giving thought to the kind of legacy they are leaving their family, children, business and community. Here’s how to be intentional about creating a legacy you can be proud of.
  • Take Your Treasure With You.

    You learned it all wrong. You CAN take it with you! The catch is you have to send it there BEFORE you go.
  • Stop Lying to Yourself.

    Dr. Rollan Roberts talks about the freeing power of Intellectual Honesty & Integrity.
  • Others Know Who You Are, Even When You Don’t.

    You’re not sure where you are or where you’re going, but others do. Other people can see it. So here’s the question…
  • Bad Timing is Killing You.

    You lose (sales, projects, bids) because they are aggressive when you should be still and still when you should be aggressive. Find a CEO Huddle near you –
  • Are You Really Free?

    Dr. Rollan Roberts talks about your personal freedom. Are you economically free? Have you found the freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ? I hope you search and fight for your personal freedom as you celebrate our national freedom.
  • Why You Suck & Think You're Awesome.

    You think you’re on the right track and headed the right direction. You think you aren’t where you want to be because of this or that. Nope. It’s because you suck…at 4 things. Join Dr. Roberts as he shares the 4 reasons people suck that think they’re awesome!
  • Get a Real Job.

    very entrepreneur, artist, musician and non-corporate employee has heard this at some point or another. Here’s why.
  • Wrong Place at the Wrong Time.

    Ever find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time? Here’s how to always be in the right place at the right time!
  • Hustle Cannot Be Taught.

    Champions hustle. They play with heart. They play with passion. And it cannot be taught.
  • Doing What You Don't Feel Like Doing.

    What to do when you don’t feel like doing something that must be done.
  • How to Lead a Volunteer Army.

    You can’t fire them. You aren’t paying them. And you need them to perform with excellence…for free. No wonder most “leaders” are no good at leading volunteer armies! Join Dr. Rollan Roberts as he shares the principles of leading a volunteer army!
  • Where Your Treasure Is.

    Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Where will you invest your time and and money this week? Will you invest big or play small? Invest big; get big. Invest little; get little.
  • Courage is a Choice.

    You choose to be afraid. You choose to be strong. Choose to be courageous.
  • Rise & Fall on Friendships.

    You are, or soon will be, who your friends are. It’s been said that your income is the average of your 5 closest friends. Listen to what the wisest and wealthiest man who ever lived had to say about your friendships.
  • It's Not What Happens.

    It’s a key to success, a trait that most highly successful people – it’s not what happens; it’s how you handle it. Stop reacting and start responding.
  • Dr. Roberts Interviewed on Leadership.

    Dr. Roberts was interviewed by Sadvonick Partners on a wide variety of subjects for CEO’s, companies, celebrities and influencers.
  • Understanding Humility.

    Humility isn’t humiliation. Humility isn’t poverty. And yet, humility is an absolute requirement for creating lasting success and legacy. If you want to “take the hill” this week, here’s the key.
  • Sunday Night Huddle.

    The Huddle is weekly 2 minute inspirational charge by Dr. Rollan Roberts. Imagine you are in a NBA or NFL locker room and the team is about to take the field. Teams huddle up for the coach to share one last message to help their champions take the field with a winning mentality. Here is what I say to them, and I share it with you.
  • NBC Nightly News Host, Brian Williams, Humiliated by Lie.

    Dr. Rollan Roberts advises NBC Nightly News Host, Brian Williams, on how to handle his crisis and shares how the public can learn and become better because of it.
  • The Huddle Challenge for Dads.

    The Huddle is a 31 day commitment dads can make to “huddle up” for 5 minutes with their children. It’s the absolute best thing you can do with and for your children over the next 31 days. They will never forget it. Neither will you. If you don’t have a dad or your dad won’t do it with you, join Dr. Rollan Roberts every Monday night for the Huddle!
  • 3 Things to Do When You Hit Rock Bottom.

    Dr. Roberts has hit rock bottom financially, emotionally, maritally, corporately, spiritually and every other way imaginable. Here’s 3 steps you can take immediately to make rock bottom the best place to start.
  • Super Bowl Locker Room Coaching.

    Dr. Rollan Roberts goes inside the Patriots and Seahawk locker rooms to give specific coaching for the Big Game!
  • How to Manage Your Schedule Like a CEO.

    One of the biggest struggles people face is using their time to get what they want. Most people spend time, not invest it. The practical information shared this Friday will allow you to immediately put measures in place to automate your success. Dr. Roberts is going to share How to Manage Your Schedule Like a CEO so you can work less and accomplish more.
  • How to Launch a New Brand, Product or Service.

    Dr. Rollan Roberts II will share exactly how to successfully launch a new brand, product or service! Most companies get this wrong. Little businesses and large companies get it wrong. Yet, there is simple protocol you can follow to nail the launch of your new brand, product or service every time.
  • Creative Ways to Double Your Income in 12 Months.

    Dr. Roberts shares insightful and inspirational ideas for Employees, Entrepreneurs and Direct Sellers to double your income over the next 12 months!
  • The Secret Between Large & Small Companies.

    Big Businesses do this well. Little companies don’t do it at all. And it’s the one thing that make little companies become big companies. You don’t want to miss this!
  • Bootstrapping Your Success.

    If you’re an aspiring musician, artist, entrepreneur or leader, you do not want to miss this segment! You’ll hear some uncommon and highly effective ideas to bootstrap your success!
  • Making Millions Understanding Consumers.

    There are business consumers and individual consumers. Understanding how they think, how they make buying decisions and purchasing behavior can make or cost you millions of dollars. Join Dr. Rollan Roberts as he explains in a clear, simple and concise manner how to Make Millions Understanding Consumers.
  • What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

    Most people fail at entrepreneurship. Multiple times. Oftentimes, this can be avoided simply by knowing what kind of entrepreneur you are! It helps you naturally gravitate to the type products, services and structures in which you will thrive as an entrepreneur! Join Dr. Rollan Roberts II as he explores What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You.
  • Observations vs. Conclusions: And Why You're Wrong.

    Executives around the world in many of the major companies know what the problem is. They know why revenue isn’t growing. They know why morale is down. They know. And yet, their solutions to these observations lead to either zero impact or escalates the landslide. In other words, they had the right observation and the wrong conclusion. Join Dr. Roberts as he shares how to accurately interpret data to draw right conclusions from right observations!
  • Lesson from Politics.

    Political elections bring out the nastiest in many campaigns. Politicians and Candidates each have their own strategy and the slightest mis-steps or non-steps can end a campaign at any point and time. Join former Senate candidate, Dr. Rollan Roberts, as he shares lessons from politics that will greatly benefit you!
  • Finding the Right Strategic Partnerships.

    One of the best and fastest ways to succeed is collaborating and partnering with other people and companies that are strategic to your mission, product, or purpose. But they seem to go wrong more times than they go right. Join Dr. Roberts as he teaches how to Find the Right Strategic Partnerships for you and your business.
  • Nailing the Perfect Business Strategy...the First Time.

    Starting a business is tough work and things rarely seem to go as planned. Even the most seasoned entrepreneurs struggle getting the business strategy right even after they realize they have the wrong one! Listen as Dr. Rollan Roberts shares how to Nail the Perfect Business Strategy the First Time!
  • Becoming an Entrepreneur.

    Going out on your own is scary. Exciting, but scary. You may have 1 or a million reasons for wanting to start your own business. And maybe you don’t want to start one at all, but you have a solid product, service or idea that you’re taking to market and starting a business is how you’re going to do it. There’s a difference between starting a business and being an entrepreneur. Join Dr. Roberts as he talks about the difference and the best way to become an entrepreneur.
  • Don't Kiss the Ring.

    There are a lot of employees and entrepreneurs “kissing the ring” of out-of-control bosses and leaders. Corporate, business, political – no matter where you look, it is becoming harder and harder to manage the paradox of being humble, yet confident, and have a servant heart/leadership without kissing the ring. Dr. Rollan Roberts II gives specific ways to manage this paradox to preserve your self respect and dignity, while giving honor and respect to whom it, or the position, is due.
  • What it Means to Empower People.

    You hear lots of talk about mentorship and empowering other people, but very few know what that actually means, and fewer still know how to do it effectively. Dr. Rollan Roberts II shares what it means and how to empower other people in a way that yields massive results in their lives!

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