Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Personal Advisors

Personal Advisors

Chaplain Services

Chaplain Services


Crisis Management & Corporate Turnarounds

Cyber Security  |  Declining Revenue  |  Oil Spills  |  Scandals & Propoganda

Cyber security, terrorism, public scandals, fabricated rumors, false propaganda, international screw ups, military embarrassment and corporate attacks happen every single day.  We evolve the narrative, plan/execute the counter-measures and clean up the mess.  From the likes of Volkswagen, BP, Ashley Madison, Subway/Jared Fogle to Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News, we take your problems and create a masterpiece with it.  
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Humanize & Elevate the Narrative
  • Provide Solutions that Create Growth, Goodwill & Forgivability
What are companies, executives, governments, politicians, celebrities, athletes and entertainers to do when they are publicly exposed, undressed and humiliated, while losing endorsements, contracts, partnerships and respect?  We clean up the mess and keep it from happening again.
We will be by your side during your darkest hours and provide strategic and tactical counter-measures and guidance that will help you or you company emerge stronger than ever.  We turn what could be your worst nightmare into a great asset.
  • Fixed Pricing 
  • Lifetime Confidentiality
  • Global Availability 24/7
  • Mitigate, Strategize, Position & Eliminate


Interim & Long Term CEO Services

Innovative & Disruptive  |  Proven Leadership  |  Empowering Culture

For profit and non-profit organizations often find themselves in periods of leadership transition.  They want solid, stable, experienced leadership that makes key decisions as the business charts the future strategy and leadership.  
  • Provide Inspirational Change Leadership 
  • Create or Enhance a Healthy Organizational Culture
  • Provide Fiscal & Strategic Oversight of Overall Business 
Times of transition inside companies is one of the best opportunities to pivot and make strategic decisions for the organization.  Gaining clarity about the future ensures you attract the right leadership based on where the organization is and is going.  We make transitions seamless, while keeping staff inspired, engaged and forward looking.

CEO Services

Don't Go Another Minute Without Strong Leadership

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Dr. Rollan Roberts II

Personal Advisors

Pain  |  Loss  |  Addiction  |  Relationships

If you want lifetime-confidentiality coaching, counsel, guidance, and support, we are standing by to help you through our online advisory calls.  If you are looking for counsel, wisdom, and coaching on your life journey, this is the right service for you.  After checkout, you will be sent a link to schedule the online call.
  • Lifetime Confidentiality
  • In Person, Skype or FaceTime
  • No Contracts; No Commitments
  • Day/Evening/Weekend Appointments Available

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Call Center Services

Thoroughbred Marketing Group (a service of The Prompting) is an elite teleservices, social media, customer support, lead generation firm primarily servicing the travel and entertainment industries – not your ordinary call center or marketing group.

We are an agile team of U.S.-based professionals that are highly trained and defined by the spirit of excellence rarely experienced in today’s lack of customer service environment.  

We provide elite lead generation and phone support services that maximum value and results at amazing prices. We are your in-house extension, not an outsourced vendor.  We think different.  We see different.  We execute marketing and branding systems with excellence.

We have the unique ability to scale and contract effortlessly.  Our Uber-model of independent contract agents means we have an army of hungry, outgoing individuals eager to serve your clients and customers.  

  • Inside Sales & Lead Generation
  • Inbound Sales & Customer Service
  • Surveys, Polls & Pre-Quals 
  • Policy Renewals
  • Pipeline Management
  • Script Writing & Process Management
  • Customer Cross-Sell & Up-Sell 

Scalable World Class Customer Support Teams at Your Fingertips

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Chaplaincy Services

Being at the top of your game in business or sports comes with a price that most are not equipped to handle.  There’s a price to be paid for success, and that price can hinder our mind and performance without a good spiritual advisor.  
Our Life Chaplains are an ever-present inspirational energy and go-to life and spiritual advisor for your team, players, coaches and families.  We serve in chaplaincy roles for corporations, high profile individuals, professional athletes and sports teams.
  • Master Ups, Downs and Pressure of Success
  • Spiritual Guidance & Counsel for Life & Family
  • Maintain Winning Mindset & Improved Performance


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